Adult Services

Dreams With Wings offers a variety of services for adults.

The men and women at Dreams With Wings have all the same hopes and dreams as the rest of us! They want to live, work and play in their community. Services offered are tailored to meet the individual needs of each person.

Residential Supports

Dreams With Wings supports individuals through three different residential options:

•Staffed Residences
•Family Home Providers
•Supported Apartments.

We currently have 12 staffed residences; homes are located in a local neighborhood and are supported by a staff member around the clock. Generally, three adults with similar interests live together in one house and receive 24-hour support. Housemates have their own bedroom and share the rest of the living space. Dreams With Wings also offers Family Home Provider services, where a caregiver lives full time in the client’s home.

For those who can live independently, Dreams With Wings offers supported apartments. Currently, we own 5 apartment buildings but also support clients in their own personal apartments. Support for these individuals is tailored to meet specific needs such as paying bills, grocery shopping, housekeeping, laundry, etc. Twenty-four-hour support is not considered necessary for these individuals.

Adult Day Services

The mission of the Dream Builders Day Program is to enhance daily living skills, communication, and social skills through community interaction and on-site activities. The goal is to create a meaningful day that is choice driven by each individual. Individuals are encouraged to suggest activities for each day during circle and also to choose from ongoing activities

Programs offered include the following:

•Reading, Adult Literacy, and Book Club
•Math / Budgeting and Finance
•Art Therapy, Open Studio, and Expressive Arts
•Computer Literacy / Technology
•Health and Wellness (physical training, walking club and weekly Yoga)
•Volunteer Opportunities (Meals On Wheels, Operation Brightside, Louisville Nature Center)
•Community Integration / Natural Support
•Recreation and Leisure

Dream Builders Day Program meets Monday through Friday, from 8am-4pm each day. Individuals can choose a schedule that best meets their needs. Funding is accepted from several Medicaid programs, including the Supports for Community Living (SCL) based waiver and the Michelle P. waiver (MPW). Private pay is also accepted.

Respite Supports

Dreams With Wings offers respite supports to children and adults who want to continue to live in their own home. Respite services are specific to family or individual needs and can be provided in the individual’s home or in the community.

Community Living Supports

Dreams With Wings provides support and training to empower an individual to build a natural support system by joining a club, group, association, church, business, or other organization in the community.

Supported Employment

Dreams With Wings’ Supported Employment Program provides job training and workforce development for individuals with intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities and autism.

Having a job amounts to much more than a salary. Employment, including the kind of work one performs, influences personal identity, a sense of belonging, and carves a meaningful place in the world.

Community employment represents a primary way of expressing the inherent need to contribute, by doing something that matters! Supported Employment is designed to promote personalized employment opportunities for people with disabilities when they need support to: discover personal interests and contributions, find or negotiate a job that fits things they like to do and do well, become established as valued employees, and pursue job advancements.



•Person Centered Job Selection – This time is used to help the client get acquainted with their staff specialist in order to identify the candidate’s likes and dislikes, and her/his strengths and skills.

•Job Development – This time is used to research prospective employers with the client, assess any need for special technology or equipment, practice interviewing skills, develop a resume and then meet with potential employers to assure a good fit.

•Outcome – Once the client is gainfully employed, the support staff can work alongside the client until they are comfortable with their job requirements and experiencing success. In some cases, the client can utilize on-the-job Supported Employment staff assistance for their entire career.

Dreams With Wings’ clients are currently working all over Louisville. Support the businesses that support us by visiting McAlister’s Deli, Humana gym and Planet Fitness, Gray’s College Bookstore, ValuMarket, O’Shea’s Irish Pub, Thieneman’s Nursery, Walgreen’s, and many others!

Leisure Outreach

Dreams With Wings Leisure Outreach is a recreational program designed to increase social relationships and independence, while creating wonderful opportunities for individuals to explore their community. These events occur 2 – 3 times a month and include museum tours, bowling trips, Louisville BATS games, etc. These events have a fee, are well supervised and are a great way to meet new friends.

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