Adult Services

Dreams With Wings offers a variety of therapy services to best cater to our clients.

Physical Therapy

Clients will receive therapeutic exercise and the application of modalities, intended to restore or facilitate normal function or development from one of our licensed physical therapists. For more information please contact

Occupational Therapy

Clients will receive therapeutic rehabilitation through the performance of activities required in daily life. For more information please contact

Speech Therapy

Clients will receive use of exercises and audio-visual aids that develop new speech habits with one of our licensed speech therapists. For more information please contact

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy uses evidenced-based treatments to teach new skills to children and adults. These skills include learning how to communicate effectively, teaching appropriate socialization skills, increasing functional living skills, acquiring pre-academic and academic skills or advancing existing academic skills through tutoring. These teaching techniques are based on the basic principles of ABA, such as reinforcement.

Who Are We? Our department at Dreams With Wings, inc. is currently composed of eight clinicians with diverse backgrounds and experiences. There are six master-level Behavior Analysts (four Board Certified Behavior Analysts) on staff as well as a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Psychological Associate.We are also an official practicum site for Spalding University and supervise and counsel students in the Master’s program for Applied Behavior Analysis.

Who do we serve? Dreams With Wings, inc. currently serves adults, adolescents and children with developmental and intellectual disabilities, including individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

How can we help you?Using ABA, our clinicians will modify behaviors that interfere with or that will facilitate integration into the community. This includes increasing functional skills necessary to independence as well as decreasing problem behaviors that impede learning and social relationships. We provide services at the individual’s place of residence, place of employment, in the school and in the clinic setting, based on the identified needs of each individual client. An individualized treatment plan will be developed to isolate each individual’s strengths and problem areas to be improved. We also aim to provide training and consultation to families, caregivers, school personnel and other support team members so that the individual’s acquired skills may be generalized among all environments.

Services Include:
-1:1 ABA therapy supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.
-Skills assessments to determine current level of functioning (verbal and independence skills)
-Individualized programs for each client written by master level and/or board certified behavior analysts.
-Behavior Consultation
-Parent/Caregiver Training
-Social Skills Groups
-Collaboration with OT, PT, psychologists, school personnel and other members of the support team

For more information please contact

Behavior Clinic

The Behavior Clinic will provide ABA services to children, teens and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, and intellectual disabilities. We hope to provide integrative services for the whole family as well, to increase support and overall success with each individual.

The Behavioral Clinic will provide:

Community Workshops

Increasing Independence In the Community

Teaching Activities of Daily Living

Psychological Assessment

Early Intervention

Potty Training

Social Skills Building and Play Groups

Sensory Integration

Safety Skills

SOCIAL SKILLS CLASSES ARE FILLING UP FAST!!! For more information please contact

Applications Available Soon

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