Behavior Services

The Department of Behavior and Learning

      provides Positive Behavior Support services to children, teens and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities and intellectual disabilities.  We provide integrative services for the whole family and participants' care giving teams as well, to increase support and overall success with each individual.

The Behavioral Clinic provides:

  • Positive Behavior Support Services

  • Community Workshops

  • Social skills and social group sessions

  • With the ultimate goals of:

  • Decreasing challenging behaviors across settings

  • Increasing acquisition and daily living skills

  • Increasing independence In the community

  • Increasing community inclusion

  • Sensory integration

  • Safety skills

  • Early intervention

  • Toilet Training

Services are provided through the SCL2 and Michelle P waivers and independent contracts/self-pay.

Social Group Classes

Social Skill classes and Social Groups/Play Dates
The Department of Behavior and Learning at Dreams with Wings provides opportunities for social and community inclusion, participation in wellness programs, acquisition of independent living skills, making new friends, and exploring new interests.
Social Skills and Social Skills Programs are for individuals who are 13-21 years of age. Play Dates are offered for children 5-12. Each session is tailored to fit the interests and ability levels of our participants, but generally could include games, art projects, light cooking/baking/food preparation, outside activities
and/or community explorations. These experiences are used to practice various social and safety skills with our participants, again, at their need and ability level.
Sessions are directed by doctoral and masters level professionals with expertise in behavior, learning and development. Classes last approximately 90-180 minutes, depending on the group and activity.

DUE TO COVID-19, NO SESSIONS/CLASSES WILL BE OFFERED THROUGH SUMMER 2020. Please refer to our webpage for updates on the Fall 2020 sessions. We look forward to seeing you!

Costs and Funding

A session costs $20. There three ways to fund the class:


1. Person-pay (via debit/credit card, cash or check), that is reimbursed by some private insurance companies (check with your provider)


2. The Michele P Waiver (as respite


3. Program Scholarships (F.E.A.T. generously awards numerous partial and full scholarships for individuals to attend our programs).


See the Financial Policy and Scholarship Request forms for more information.

Program Schedule

Spring Break 2020

Dates:  Monday-Wednesday

Time: 10a-12:30p

Cost: $20 per session


Evening Group, Spring 2020

Time: 5:30-7:30p

Cost: $20 per session

Summer 2020

Time: 10a-1p

Cost: $20 per session


To register, or for more information, please contact Julie Robinson, PhD, by:


Phone: 859-312-7120