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Mission & Values

Mission & Values

The Mission of Dreams With Wings is to empower children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism as they recognize their strengths, contribute to their community and pursue their dreams.

The Vision of Dreams With Wings is to be innovative in person centered supports to enable individuals to live their best life through creating a sense of belonging and value.  The vision is supported by  staff who are unwavering in compassion for those we are privileged to support.


Respect - Every person, regardless of their mental or physical disabilities deserves respect.

Relationships - Supporting and creating relationships with families, neighbors and communities will help to foster growth and a sense of belonging.

Healthy Lifestyles - Promotion of a healthy lifestyle in all areas, physical, mental and spiritual is essential.

Self Sufficiency - Empowering individuals to be as self-sufficient as possible by creating an environment that allows individuals to flourish.

Making a Difference - We encourage the community to recognize the gifts and talents of those with intellectual and physical disabilities and autism.  We believe everyone has something valuable to contribute to society.

Compassion - We believe our employees embrace compassion for those we support while creating opportunities to learn and grown.

Creativity - Providing programs that are person centered and allow for individuals to grow through a combination of creative experiences such as art, music, life experiences and education.

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